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05. Contact

Justin Schott Project Manager Energy Equity Project
School for Environment and Sustainability University of Michigan

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the interactive map!


EEP seeks feedback and input from map users as we learn what works and what else is needed. Users can:

  • Share stories of how they are using the map to identify energy inequities, propose solutions, and confirm (aka “groundtruth) local knowledge and expertise
  • Suggest or request a new data set
  • Recommend Improvements to make the map more user-friendly
  • Ask questions about the methodology, accuracy or data quality
  • Provide information about other existing work that could be helpful, perhaps for collaboration
  • Request technical support from EEP or suggest a possible partnership
Download the EEP Framework Report

The EEP Map compiles 26 datasets and enables users to easily explore energy equity concerns in their own communities.

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Map features work on non-mobile web-browser today (beta release) - please use a web browser on a computer for exploration in these early days of this tools existence, not mobile.

We have had to prioritized performance features available in non-mobile web browser for this initial first beta launch

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